Here is a collection of some of the Dubberly’s favorite memories.

McMillan Avenue

One of our favorite places to take a walk when we lived in Bay Minette, Alabama.  This was taken when all the Azaleas were blooming.  It’s only fitting that this is our blog’s header.

McMillan Avenue

Oak Tree in the Parsonage Backyard

While Deek was pastoring at Eastwood Baptist we lived in the church’s parsonage.  There was a huge Oak tree in the back yard where we had our swing.

Parsonage Backyard

Eastwood Baptist Church

This church will always have a special place in our hearts.  Eastwood was our very first head pastorate. The people there quickly became our Alabama family.

Eastwood Baptist Church

Bay Minette, Alabama

Another picture of McMillan Avenue in Bay Minette.

Bay Minette, Alabama


Cooper was a gift from a family at Eastwood.


New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

We have such good memories during Deek’s time here at NOBTS.

Leavell Chapel, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

New Orleans

One of our favorite places to visit.

St. Louis Cathedral overlooking Jackson Square


View from my parent’s front porch in Pearson, Georgia.  Love these dirt roads.

South Georgia

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

One of Deek’s favorite buildings at SBTS.

Boyce Library


Such a beautiful campus.


Winter in Louisville

For two South Georgians snow is a rarity.  This was our first dusting in Louisville.


Eleven City Diner

For an anniversary get-away we took a trip to Chicago.  This is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

11 City Diner

Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate, or “The Bean” as it’s better known, was really neat to see.

Cloud Gate

Navy Pier

We grabbed some of Garrett’s popcorn and took a stroll down Navy Pier.

Navy Pier


The Windy City


Snapped a quick picture of Fountain Square when we went to see the Braves play the Reds.

Tyler Davidson Fountain at Fountain Square


5 comments on “Gallery Wall”

  1. Hi Lauren, I have really enjoyed your posts! I especially love the gallery wall! I found a blog post the other day and thought about you all. Office Depot is doing, I think they’re called architectural prints, for like $4.99 and they go up to like a 3’x5′ or something. Its on The Real Housewives of Buck County. Super cute ideas!!! Hope y’all are doing well!

    • Thanks so much! So good to hear from you! The architectural prints sounds really neat. Thanks for sharing. Hope you and your bunch are doing well!

  2. We really miss you Dr. Lauren and glad to see Delaney is here safe, sound, and perfect. Please message me sometime. Enjoy your time off with the babies and hope to see you soon.

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