Deek & Lauren’s Best-Saturday-You-Ever-Had (in Louisville) Checklist

1. St. Matthew’s Farmers Market– Really neat farmers market in the middle of a church parking lot…with everything from food, to flowers, to Christmas ornaments (and the Dubberly’s took home some of each).

**Disclaimer: Apparently farmers markets are a big deal amongst the cool kids here, but we snuck out before they caught us.  Don’t forget your hipster shades and too-tight jeans.


2. The Bakery– This place is basically ran by culinary students.  They were even taking their final exam the morning we stopped by…making homemade pie crusts and chocolate chip cookies, of course.  We grabbed a cannoli (Deek), cinnamon bun (Lauren) and challah bread (Deek & Lauren).

**Disclaimer: Challah bread’s correct pronunciation is not CHAH-lah.  Nope, it’s correctly pronounced HAH-lah…which is definitely way more fun to say.

3. Heine Brothers Coffee– Right across the street from The Bakery.  Deek, the coffee connoisseur of the family, grabbed a cup of “the coffee of the day,” and Lauren gave a nod to New Orleans with a cafe-au-lait.

4. Front Porch- For the final leg of the journey we recommend our front porch.  Perfect place to kick back and enjoy the morning’s goodies.

Front Porch Sitting

5. Grilling– No perfect Saturday would be complete without throwing something on the grill.  Might want to make some potato salad to go along…we did!

Newest Favorite Cookbook

Best day ever!

Louisville Bats Game

Louisville Slugger Field

Nothing quite says Springtime like a good baseball game…or the increased Zyrtec consumption in the Dubberly home.

Deek and I decided to pay a visit to the Louisville Slugger Field to watch the Bats play a few months ago when the season first opened.

Deek's Famous Foul Ball

Despite low batting averages, Deek and I are happy to say that we are the Bats’ newest fans.  Largely due to the fact that Deek caught a foul ball and it was $1 hotdog night.

We cannot wait to take our South Georgia family to a game when they come to visit!