December has been a rough month in our house. The babies were kind enough to not get sick at the same time, but it’s meant we’ve had a solid two weeks of coughs, fevers, ear infections, runny noses, and lots of tears.

We have not had a lot of sleep.

Deek and I are pretty sleep deprived, and the other night while we were propping each other up he reminded me of the wise words of the Hag himself.

If we make it through December

Everything’s gonna be all right, I know

It’s the coldest time of winter

And I shiver when I see the falling snow.

And because of the aforementioned sleep deprivation I found it to be the funniest thing I had heard in a long time. So now it’s our official theme song for the remainder of the month. Yes, we have a theme song. You should really get one.

Thanks, Merle.

And thanks, Deek, for being my best Okie from Muskogee.



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